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Science Workshop with Children of ASTAŞ Employees - 2


October 2023



Project Status


OPI Kits Reunited with ASTAŞ Children!

The second of the science workshops for the children of company employees, which we started with ASTAŞ Aluminum, included very enjoyable and entertaining science activities. This time our topic is recycling!

In this application, OPI Invention Step - 2 Kit was the basic tool. After exploring the types of waste through the kit application, which touched on topics such as waste types, recycling and compost, the children played the "Waste Hunt" game, which is a part of the kit content. They found different types of waste hidden around, classified them correctly and collected points. The group with the most points won the game.

After the kit application was completed, we discussed aluminum, which is an important material with its usage areas and sustainability, and designed gift cards consisting of simple electrical circuits using aluminum foils, small batteries and LEDs. Each child both discovered electrical conduction and created their creative cards.

Finally, the children had a pleasant experience of electrical transmission by combining it with music using “Makey-Makey” simple circuit boards.

Both we and ASTAŞ children are looking forward to the continuation of this enjoyable and instructive workshop.

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