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Alev Summer School with OPI Kits


May 2023



Project Status


Summer Schools Are More Fun with OPI!

Summer school programs, which start after the school term ends, provide an environment where children can continue to learn while having fun and have a pleasant time with their friends. This year, as OPINIO, we took our place in the Alev Schools Summer School Program.

Accompanied by our expert teachers, we came together with different age groups in many sessions and applied the OPI Invention Step 1 and Discovery Step 1 training kits together. Thanks to these applications, children both gained STEAM skills (knowledge about hydraulic systems and algorithmic thinking skills) and created their own products using the materials from their own kits. They also did activities such as painting and puzzles.

Summer school did not only include kit applications. At the same time, many different STEAM activities were held alongside the kit applications. Our content was enriched with activities such as making the tallest paper tower, online algorithm games and many more, and we had a very enjoyable summer school period with the children.

We are so happy to include science in our summer vacation.

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