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Learn, create, transform with OPI!

Enter the fun world of technology and science with OPI STEAM Kits!

Quality STEAM education.

Development of 21st century skills.

Broad social impact. 

STEAM skills develop at an early age with OPI!

OPI is a creative education kit where children will learn while having fun and gain basic skills in the STEAM field. OPI, which consists of different steps, fits quality education into a box with immersive stories and activities covering different STEAM areas, and contributes to the development of every child, regardless of gender, geographical location, socio-economic status or learning levels. 

In addition to the collaborations we carry out, with the corporate and individual campaigns we organize, we reach all parts of Turkey, especially our village schools, where technology infrastructure is often inadequate.

'OPI STEAM Kits' delivers and “The Future Will Come with Technology!” We are pioneering the movement! 


Why OPI?

STEAM Skills

Problem solving is an important part of creative thinking with OPI Kits. Problem solving skills begin to develop in children at a very early stage and the development of these skills is supported by the kits. Steam applications require multidimensional thinking. This requirement supports creative thinking skills.

21st Century Skills Develop

OPI Kits consist of stories and activities that help develop what we know as "21st century skills" such as critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, critical and analytical thinking, communication and collaboration, initiative, information literacy and entrepreneurship at an early age.


Attention! Focus Skills Improve

OPI Kits include activities suitable for children with attention deficit hyperactivity behavior disorder, which is quite common and affects learning, as well as dyslexia, a special learning disability.

Initiating a transformation in education is only possible by supporting the child and every place the child touches. For this reason, in order to support our teachers and parents,

We established

OPI Parent's and Teacher's Academy We share relevant content on determined topics in the first week of each month.





To ensure that science and technology are on the agenda in every home, we want to support our parents. For this reason, we share with you creative and educational STEAM activities that you can do at home and have a pleasant time with your children on the first day of every month.


We believe that the most valuable investment is investing in education, so we support our teachers as well. 

On the first day of every month, we share with you creative and educational STEAM activities that can be implemented in the classroom. 

The student academy includes training modules that we have designed with our expert instructor staff. We offer enjoyable interactive course content in the field of artificial intelligence and STEAM in our education management system.

What Do OPI Users Say?

As soon as I opened the box, I immediately started doing the activity. I wondered what it would be like. I imagined, I asked questions, I had a lot of fun.


Tom Smithenson, Parent

Elif talks about the activity you have been doing since she came from school. They had a lot of fun with their friends while doing it. It was a change for our children, they were very interested, thank you.
We used OPI Invention Step 1 and OPI Discovery Step 1 kits. Thanks to the kits, students developed skills such as following instructions, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. While doing so, they had fun and spent quality time and loved the kits.



Our Corporate Partners

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