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Corporate Social Responsibility

With corporate social responsibility practices, the social participation of the institution is ensured, it is accepted by the society and thus its sustainability continues on a solid basis.

As OPINIO, we examine the most advanced and developing applications in the world and follow the new trends. We shape corporate social responsibility strategies and practices with these new trends.

How do we do it?

We become a solution partner in structuring, strategy and empowerment issues for institutions that are just starting their business, want to expand their business while making it sustainable, aim to disseminate and model the impact they create, and care about producing social benefits while increasing their efficiency through collaborations.
We support developing sustainable strategies with creative solutions in line with business and social missions, goals, budgets and target audience.
We offer realistic project suggestions that are applicable, accessible, appropriate to the locale and all conditions of the institution.
Taking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a reference, we guide the institution to take an effective and active role in strengthening the local economy, prosperity and development in the region.

Our CSR Consultancy Services

Creating a CSR Strategy

After determining CSR strategies in line with the wishes and needs of the institution, creating special project structures, determining success criteria and preparing the project with all its details.


Project Implementation and Management

Implementation and management of the prepared project in the most appropriate region and target audience with the resources we have.


Coordination with Stakeholder Institutions

To be able to proceed in coordination with project team members and project stakeholders, to make project outputs most efficient and  Relationship management with correct communication to ensure sustainability. 


Social Impact Measurement and Reporting

In accordance with the principles of accountability and sustainability, social impact measurement and reporting of the project to be shared with all stakeholders through various monitoring and evaluation methods throughout the process from the design phase to the completion of the project. 

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