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We are in Hatay with Schneider Electric


April 2023



Project Status


We Celebrated April 23rd with Children in Hatay with Schneider Electric Volunteers!

Children, one of the groups most affected by the earthquake disaster we experienced on February 6, 2023, are trying to continue their education under difficult conditions in tent cities as much as possible. At this point, it is of great importance to support them psychologically in the best possible way.

In our corporate cooperation project with Schneider Electric, we went to the field with company volunteers and tried to provide a pleasant holiday to the children in the earthquake zone by doing fun activities and applying OPI kits within the scope of April 23 Children's Day.
The place chosen as the project application area is Dursunlu Çadır Kent, located in Defne district of Hatay. This is the most crowded disaster tent city campus in Hatay, dated April 2023. Schools in the region were seriously damaged and cannot be used because they are very close to the earthquake epicenter. 180 primary and secondary school students living in the city continue their education in containers and tents. 

Adana Seyhan Municipality, with which we collaborated within the scope of the project, allocated two containers to us and company volunteers to implement the project in the region on April 28-29-30, and these containers hosted activities with students from 1st to 8th grades as well as the pre-school group for 3 days. The event program covered more than 200 children and took place in two sessions: Psychosocial Support Hour and Technology Hour.
At the event, which was held with the valuable participation of the institution's volunteers, the children who were affected by the earthquake had a pleasant time and celebrated their holidays with enthusiasm, and it was an unforgettable experience for the employees of the institution.

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