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Science Workshop with Children of ASTAŞ Employees - 1


June 2023



Project Status


OPI Kits Met with ASTAŞ Children!

In the science workshop we organized with ASTAŞ Aluminum, we applied OPI Kits with the sweet children of the company's valuable employees. In the event we organized in a school in Tekirdağ/Çorlu, OPİ Discovery Step 1 was studied with the younger age group, and Invention Step 1 was studied with the older age group.

Participation in the event, which we designed with the aim of strengthening inter-institutional relations and bringing children into close contact with science, was high. While the children were having a fun time applying the kits with our instructors, we chatted with our parents about the importance of STEAM education and the place of technology in our lives.

During the kit applications, it was aimed to develop the algorithmic thinking skills of children in the younger age group, while also improving their sense of curiosity and creativity. In the older age group, children created their own bridge models, and future engineers experienced hydraulic systems.

It is a great pride for us to be partners on this path with ASTAŞ, which supports young people to prepare for the needs and requirements of the century and introduce them to science at an early age. We look forward to future meetings.

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