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OPI Kits in Mardin


February 2023



Project Status


Thanks to your donations, OPI Kits are at Mardin Village School this time!

Thanks to a donation campaign initiated by a private donor, OPI Kits were delivered to 32 valuable students of Mardin Küçükboğaziye Primary School. With the support of many donors, we sent kits to all students and held an online meeting with the school's teachers to provide short kit application training.

Our kits met with 32 students and 3 teachers of the school, consisting of 3rd and 4th grades. Our teachers implemented the kits in their classes. The applied kits were “OPI Invention – Step 1 Introduction to Engineering!” it was kit. Thanks to this kit, children had the opportunity to learn about hydraulic systems and build their own hydraulic wooden bridges, while also getting to know forest animals and traveling to their world. We continue to send fun and educational STEAM activity suggestions that can be implemented with children on the first day of each month to our teachers and parents who have filled out the OPI Teacher Academy and OPI Parent Academy registration tickets included in the kits. 

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