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Business Development Solutions

By determining business development strategies after stages such as analyzing the relevant market, identifying risks and evaluating product/service suitability, the development of institutions is ensured and efficiency is increased in many different areas.


As OPINIO, we analyze the market suitable for the products and services of companies/institutions, make comparisons and identify risks. For new customers and new collaborations, we support institutions at every step, from contacting to making agreements. With our wide and reliable connections consisting of public and non-governmental organizations, consultants and company owners, we determine the needs in the most accurate way and guide you to increase efficiency.

Our Business Development Services

Making Analyzes

  • Target market and risk analysis

  • Product analysis

  • Business model analysis and identification of alternative business models

  • Analysis of potential customers and competitors


Creating Strategies

  • Cost and pricing strategy

  • Product/service marketing strategy

  • Corporate communication and brand strategy

  • Sales and marketing strategies


Consultancies and Supports

  • Directing new customers and sales channels

  • Identifying appropriate stakeholders and establishing partnerships

  • Contract management consultancy and support service

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