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OPINIO,El Ele Education and Culture AssociationIt is the social enterprise company of .

Founded in 2022, the company works to prepare various educational content and programs by focusing on technology, to make them accessible to everyone and to be one of the pioneers of technology transformation.

At the same time, it establishes collaborations with institutions and produces digital solutions and social responsibility projects for them.

All additional revenues obtained by the non-profit OPINIO are used to create a budget for the development and strengthening activities of El Ele Education and Culture Association. 


As OPINIO, we create projects in line with the innovative technology trend in order to guide institutions to improve themselves in different areas, and we work with institutions to implement and successfully complete these projects.

Our services:


As OPINIO, we support individuals to develop themselves in the fields required by the age with the competency development and training programs we provide, and we prepare carefully designed program contents for individuals or institutions with our expert team.

Our services:

  • Competency Development Programs

  • Educational Programs

Meet the OPI Team!

Our Corporate Partners

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